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Unlike many other insurance agencies, we take the time to look for more cost effective coverage for our current clients before they contact us. We are vigilant, on the lookout for better premiums for our customers. Our staff will take the time to research different insurance providers so that they can offer the best options to you. Personalized customer service to fit your needs is what Smith Insurance Group is all about. When you call Smith Insurance Group, you can be assured that our team of licensed agents is dedicated to assisting you.

We work to find the best prices with the strongest companies for all types of policies. Whether it is home, auto, motorcycle, boat, commercial or liability, we are able to shop for you. Calling us eliminates the need to ‘call around’, since we are able to search so many companies to best serve your needs. Many of our companies have package policies, making it possible to get much better and more inclusive coverage than you would find elsewhere.

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